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Sanji (chapter 442)

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For those of you that talk to me outside of tumblr, you will know that I have a fondness for reincarnation fics. Out of all the ones I’ve read so far (few though they may be), this is by far my favourite. Please read it and let the feels overwhelm you.

nauticaas: i have never bawled so hard not even for littlefoot alright this is ridiculous everything hurts and nothing is okay

My god….I thought nothing would trump littlefoot. What about the Titanic?

Here, let me help calm your feels:


nauticaas: hello yes this is a notice that you are not allowed to recommend me stuff for like ever i have been crying for the past jillion years over that zankyou no terror thing and i am showing no signs of stopping i hold you entirely accountable for my end thank you good night ;__;


what are you saying? I thought you liked stuff like that. You know, horrendous amounts of tragedy, experiments, and death.


zoro and sanji having a civil conversation + sanji being a dork


piggy backs!!!

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get on skype buttwipe and i’ll show you how to use xkit.

Nooooooooooooooo I shouldn’t. Or else I’ll stay on there for HOURS even though I have hw and applications and- *glances at skype* NO I SHOULDN’T

"You seem to like the one piece, but perhaps you’d consider a bikini?" Also, xkit had an extension that kills those posts.

I don’t have the booty for the bikini so i’m just going to have to stick with the One Piece.

And yeah, I heard xkit is like the tumblr tumblr wishes it could be but I still haven’t figured out how to use it so I’m just gonna have to suffer through models and swimsuits for now *sigh*

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gagakuma: This is a tumblr butt touch. Pass this to at least 10 of your favorite blogs to show them how much you love their butt. Make sure you don't break the chain or your butt will deflate. Happy tumblr butt touching!

Thank you! I’ll be sure to show my love for others’ butts

omg….you know how tumblr sometimes adds posts onto your dash from people you don’t follow? And the posts are usually related to the tags on your reblogs and stuff?

I just got recommended a swimsuit blog.


One Piece

Luffy's Snapchat \(*o*)/

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